We Got Married!

On Friday 23rd October after over 9.5 years we finally tied the knot!


We got our wedding CD over the weekend and I can't wait to share some more photos here of our special day.

We Moved!

On 15th October, 8 days before we were due to get married we moved from living in Hull to living in Huddersfield.

Honestly at the time it didn't feel stressful. Ryan applied for the Assistant Manager's job after being in Hull for 18 months and we were both ready for the move. It's something we had talked about in advance and something we were both looking forward to. We always knew Hull like Plymouth was just a stepping stone for us. We also predicted, because we have zero luck that we would likely be moving just before we got married.

Ryan received three or four weeks notice for when his new position would start, similar to before when we moved from Plymouth to Hull. The only downside to this was my ill health, luckily I only got ill the first time we were meant to go look at houses in Huddersfield and my Mum and her husband went with Ryan instead.

I packed up our three bedroom house on my own, while still working and organising our wedding as Ryan stayed in Huddersfield the first week he started as he had to help set-up the store and open it and the commute from Hull to Huddersfield would have just been too much.

We've been in Huddersfield for about 5 weeks now and honestly I haven't seen that much of it. So if anyone has any recommendations for Huddersfield please let me know!

Goodbye Oscar

Sadly over the August bank holiday, little Oscar bear died. I know this was a while a go now but how it happened and when it happened were honestly just awful circumstances it's taken a good long while for me to come to terms with. Oscar had a stoke and we were unable to get him to the vet in time. We were really quite heart broken.
It was all vey sudden and honestly quite awful. It took us quite a while to adjust to not seeing him, hearing his little claws on our hardwood floor, to not seeing him when we woke up and to not seeing him when we went into the bunnies room. 
It has also been difficult for our other bunny Evie. The first week seemed to be the hardest for her as she was constantly looking for him and wondering where he was which was heart-breaking for us.
To be honest we were really worried Evie wouldn't do well without Oscar. Even though we got Evie first and had her for 9 months before we got Oscar, they've been together for nearly 3 years and he was her little shadow. Oscar loved Evie so much. We changed Evie's routine and happily she slowly started bouncing back to her usual self. 
It's not the same without our little Oscar and it was an adjustment for us just as much as it was for Evie. Now it's been over 2 months without little Oscar bear we've slowly adjusted to life without him but we still wonder how he would have reacted to things and we still miss him terribly.

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