Friday, 21 November 2014

The Little Things

Hot Water Bottles

1. Hot Water Bottles
I didn't realise how many I had, but they've been great from keeping warm and for when I've been ill which has been all of this week. Which has been making me pretty miserable.

2. NaBloPoMo
I've been enjoying National Blog Posting Month but because I've been so ill this week I've missed a few days which has made me a little bit sad I'm hoping to try and keep it up for what's left of the month!

3. 5 days!
My best friend's baby is due in 5 days. Are daily conversations go like this: 
Any contractions yet?
No but I've got a foot in my ribs.
Any contractions yet?
Nope but I can't bend over any more.

4. Hormones
So the last few months I've been having periods again and my hormones are trying to balance out for the first time in 6-7 years and oh my god I am so emotional, it's ridiculous! The other day I was waiting for Ryan to come down the stairs so we could go out and I just burst into tears! For no reason! I don't like this very much.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Moleskine Spring 2015


I saw this post on Plannerisms yesterday about the Moleskine catalogue {}
 and seriously thought it was love!

1. I love moleskines, always have, always will and the new ones on the list don't change that. 2. I'm so freaking excited for the Batman notebooks. I've already pre-ordered one.
3. I actually like quite a few of the Alice in Wonderland ones {& C if your reading this expect to be receiving one next year!}
4. Loving all the new colour moleskines.
5. The Chapter journals look really interesting, can't wait to see one in person.
6. I pretty sick of seeing the Star Wars, Peanuts & Le Petit Prince diaries/planners but they much be very popular to still be around. Although I do like what they've done to the Le Petit Prince ones for this year.
7. I'm not sure on the new tool-belt accessory they've created it's different. I think I'll wait to see some reviews on it first.
8. I've never seen the Professional planner before but I really like it.
9. Now they're introducing an Evernote planner to go with the Evernote notebook. Hmph.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Good Post Days!

I love a good post day, where you get something really good other than bank statements, and bills. Friday was a joint good day for myself and Ryan. 

post day

I had won a pocket chameleon filofax in aqua on ebay a couple of days before and wasn't expecting it to arrive till Monday at the earliest so I was super delighted when the postman knocked on the door with two packages! I'm really loving the pocket chameleon filofax and hopefully will do a more in-depth post on it later when I've used it more.

assassin creed unity

Ryan on the other hand had pre-ordered Assassin Creed's Unity with the pocket watch{ I think it's this one}. He's a real big Assassin Creed fan and I while I'm not a big gamer I do enjoy watching him play all his games especially the Assassin Creed ones I really like the different ones and seeing how the characters and cities change and the detailing they put into the games is amazing!

And the pocket watch is pretty awesome too! I wanted to include some closer-ups of the pocket watch because I think the amount of detail and thought they've put into is really amazing. Ryan's only comment about the pocket watch, which is based on the one the main character Arno has is that in the game the pocket watch opens side-ways whereas the real life one opens from top to bottom instead. 

It is also, I want to point out a wind up edition so there's no need to replace the battery which I quite like because it matches the historical point in the game as there wouldn't have been any batteries available then either!

assassin creed pocket watch

assassin creed pocket watch

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Little Things

East Park

1. Sunday walk around East Park
Lots of sunshine and just a really nice way to spend a Sunday with Ryan in the fresh air.

2. Catching up on Notes From the City vlogs!
I really enjoy watching Rachel from Notes From the City videos, she's quite motivating to watch and she's really honest and sweet. I would recommend watching her videos if you don't. She talks a lot about eating clean and exercising and she's just bought her first place with her fiance and vlogs her everyday life.


3. Bunnies!
Oscar and Evie have just been the cutest this week and snuggling together a lot more, it's always nice to see them like this because Oscar doesn't sit still for too long he likes to run around a lot but Evie always tries to snuggle with him.

4. Good books!
I've read some really good books this week, one of them being Closer Than You Think which I was reading up until 2:30 in the morning! Addicting read.

His & her packages

5. Good post days!
I won a pocket filofax on Ebay a few days ago and it turned up on Friday with Ryan's new Assassin Creed Unity game. Good post days are the best.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Throw Back Thursday!

me & ryan

January 1st 2006. New Years Day. Possibly around 2 or 3am.
I'm rather drunk and Ryan is tired from working all night.
I was out with a very dear friend, who was mutual friends with Ryan.
She wanted to say hello and wish him a happy new year and ask him something and even though we went to Secondary School and Sixth Form together and I used to serve him in the Bakery I worked and he would serve me in the Cocktail Bar he worked at, and he was best friends with an old childhood friend, this was the first time I really talked to him. For longer than 2 minutes.
I want to say instantly we clicked, and we may have but I was so drunk and happy I blurted out how I had a crush on him in Secondary School and we swapped numbers that night and he text me at 4:30am that morning making sure my friend and I got home safe and told me how he enjoyed talking with me and hoping we could do it again before I went back to University.
Neither of us ever thought anything would ever come of it but here we are 8 years later, about to get married in the spring!
Which is possibly why this photo means so much to me, because it's before, before everything happened and it was full of the things that led us to where we are today!

That's my #tbt, if you've posted one I'd love for you to leave a link!