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Thursday, 26 May 2016

This is a list of observations, happy things thrown in with some memories and a bunch of things I want to remember for always.

  • A bright blue sky.
  • Sitting on my Mum's deck, laughing & eating a healthy lunch.
  • New bowls.
  • Watching Kung Fu Panda, Die Hard 2 & The Mummy on repeat, again and again like a five year old.
  • Lemon, ginger and mango tea.
  • 8pm bed times.
  • Getting lost in as many books as possible.
  • Silence.
  • Peter rabbit on a 50p.
  • Edam cheese on ritz biscuits.
  • A burnt stomach from too hot water bottles.
  • A white bunny turning grey now brown.
  • All our engagement/pre-wedding pictures printed and in a pretty album.
  • My husband telling me I'm whiter than Casper.
  • A one & half year old sitting on my lap, not letting me read to him but flicking through all the pages in the book.
  • A clean, lemon fresh bathroom.
  • My hair getting longer.
  • Tesco gluten & wheat free brownie's.
  • Black Sails.

Thoughts On: 6 Months Of Married Life

Monday, 25 April 2016

This weekend made it six whole months since we got married. I want to say married life is hard, I want to say married life is so completely different you need to prepare yourself, I want to say married life isn't what you think it is but honestly they would all be lies.

Married life, for us has been no different than before we got married. 

We've been together 10 years and have been living together for 7 years this September. That's a pretty long time. We've spent out entire 20's together and to be honest we've grown used to each others quirks and accepted things about each other that 7 years ago, when we were living together, just us for the first time, really bugged us and caused many arguments.

We're so passed all of that now.

We're not perfect by any means and we do still argue. Of course we do, but most of the time it's due to my hormones and when it isn't, I can't argue with Ryan without laughing or biting my tongue to stop me from laughing. It's just that in the grand scheme of things, and everything we've been through stupid arguments, about who left the mayonnaise out (it's always Ryan) or why kitchen light is on when no-one is in the kitchen (it's always me) just don't seem that serious.

So what has been the biggest problem of married life? 

For me, it's been the change of my name. Especially when we're now in an environment where we don't sign our names all that often and several times I've still signed my maiden name and then been like 'oh shit that's wrong' and had to scribble it out and resign and try and make a joke of it.

For Ryan, it's been getting used to wearing his wedding ring. He's not a jewellery kind of guy and he finds his wedding ring quite heavy, he often jokes about how it weighs his hand down. Although he likes his ring he is often playing with it and dropping it, which gets him into trouble.

Nothing very exciting or drama worthy really and we're so very ok with that.

Changing Room Adventures - H&M

Friday, 15 April 2016
Due to technical problems, (my laptop died a couple of weeks ago with zero warning it was going to go) I currently don't have images for most of the posts I had planned, (tiny violin, amiright?) so looking thorough my draft posts that included pictures, there was this one!

Like a lot of other people, I've been working on a capsule wardrobe since 2014 because I'm not really a fan of clothes and I tend to wear the same pieces over and over again until they have holes or fall apart. But between Slimming World and my endometriosis I've lost so much weight most of my old clothes make me look like I'm playing dress up or that I'm wearing a sack.

I was on a search to find a pretty dress to ideally wear for my 10 year anniversary (that was in January) and wear during the winter months and maybe autumn/spring as well.

I dragged my husband to H&M to try on a dress that a sales assistant recommend to me back in November and my husband couldn't help but shove other items of clothing at me to try on as well. I'm rubbish at picking clothes and on my own tend to go for more masculine pieces but my husband has a really good eye and I was happy to try on something different.

Black dress. From the work section. I loved this dress but talked myself out of it because it's not what I went in for and I seriously regret not buying this. It would be a great piece for my capsule wardrobe because I could wear it all year round layered or not and dress it up and down. Why did I not buy this???
I've been in a few times since trying to find something really similar but sadly they don't have anything yet.

Grey blazer. Even in an 8 it was too big and I refused to try on the 6 because it was sure it would still be too big in the same places.
Red scuba skirt. I loved this on the hanger but on me it just looked super awkward. But I really liked it paired with my baby pink tee. Most people hate this colour combo but seriously I really love red and baby pink together. Also this picture really makes me miss my long hair!

Black blazer. Another slightly masculine piece which I loved and really regret not buying. The cuffs, which were rolled up and the edge of the blazer were lined in fake leather and I seriously loved it. 

This is the dress I went to try on and left the shop with! The sales assistant got me to try it on back in November and it was really outside my comfort zone at the time because a) the colour and b) the style as I still look in the mirror and see a size 12 rather round petite person when now I'm actually between a 6 and an 8 depending on the shop and rather slim. I've loved wearing this dress when I've been able though and am so glad I went back for it.

These pictures are from way back in December 2015 and were taken in H&M Huddersfield by my husband and his iPhone 6. 

Unintentional Hiatus - March 2016

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Where I've Been...

I didn't mean to disappear so completely. Well technically I didn't I was still on instagram and twitter a bit but for me March was a hard month and to be honest I knew it was going to be health-wise as every other month tends to be worse. But other stuff happened too. Someone stole our paving stones from our backyard! While I was home. Who does that?! 
We got our new cooker which is so much better than our old one and I can't wait to convince Ryan to bake something in it.
My laptop suddenly went and died, with no warning. So I've been using my husbands iMac and it's taking a bit of getting used too. 
Our kitchen ceiling finally had enough after six months of waiting for our handyman to fix the leak and started spurting water on Easter Sunday. Which meant we were mopping the floor for ages.
Ryan had a weeks holiday but it was while I was on my period and doing the whole vomiting and diarrhoea so it was a bit rubbish as I spent most of it in bed and we didn't get to do anything fun! My ring finger came out in an awful rash so I've had to take my engagement and wedding ring off for nearly three weeks now while it heals back up and my hand feels so naked now!

What's Been Going On Health-wise...

As I said I new March was going to be a bad month but I lost 4lbs in two weeks with being so ill. I'm now about 7 stone 9lbs. I spent 10 hours vomiting one Saturday, which was a new level of awful, even for me. 
I've really badly burnt my stomach with constantly using a hot water bottle and my stomach now resembles the coat of a cheetah, very splotchy. I'm now wrapping my hot water bottle in a towel. I still have nearly constant hip/ovary pain and can't tend to walk for very long without the pain becoming really unbearable.
I finally went back to the Drs to try and work something out and I was given a prescription for anti-inflammatories to take all the time now but sadly they really mess with my intestines and give me a whole different kind of pain to deal with and just aren't worth it.
On what I'm hoping is a plus side my Dr is going to chase up why I haven't heard anything about being on the waiting list for surgery!

What I've Been Watching...

I've been addicted to Kung Fu Panda (the first one) as well as Man From U.N.C.L.E and when I say addicted I mean watching them on repeat over and over for days and days. Actually I'm still doing it in April!
We also watched Spectre, Kung Fu Panda 3 and Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Mocking Jay Part 1 and Mocking Jay Part 2 and we finally finished season five of Rizzoli and Isles which thankfully didn't have a suspenseful ending but I'm sad as season seven will be the last season!
On Sky we've been catching up with Code Black which is a little like Grey's Anatomy but also not and it's great when I need a good cry but have no actual reason to cry because it's some emotionally heart-wrenching stuff.

What I've Been Eating...

I tend to use my instagram for mostly posting food pictures, because it helps me keep track of what I've eaten in case sometimes I'm ill and it's related to food. I'm not the best at remembering to post everyday but I try.
Looking back at March we've eaten quite badly, and when I say we I don't mean the royal we, I mean me and my husband! There's been Dominos, Subway, KFC, and an Indian {if you live in Huddersfield, you have to try Natural Flavours, it is so good!} I had the double zinger burger at KFc but it wasn't for me. There hasn't been as many visit's to Coffeeboy and I've been trying to put weight back on {I try to do this every month because I'm losing weight being so ill} but I did manage two days where I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner! Which is a real achievement. Although we haven't really eaten that much chocolate this month. Even with it being Easter we only bought each other one egg and made chocolate corn flake cakes however, I've been pretty addicted to Lidl's jelly beens.

What I've Bought...

I had a bit of a shopping spree just after the middle of March, you can see my recent purchases post of everything I bought. But I also bought a new battery and charger for my laptop hoping that would get it to work again, which sadly didn't so that's money down the drain. I also gave my husband money to get me a copy of Man From U.N.C.L.E from work and to buy a new washing pole for our front garden because the sun doesn't get to the back so the washing hasn't been drying. 
As a nice surprise my husband also bought me some goodies from Ann Summers, I seriously love their underwear!

Plans for April...

My husband has the last two weeks of April off and we're planning to pop home to visit family and friends for a day but we need to come up with other plans too.
I need to decide what I'm doing about replacing my laptop as well as while I'm enjoying working on my husbands iMac I do really need a laptop for when I'm just not well enough to get out of bed. But I'm stuck between trying to get my laptop fixed, buying another laptop or buying a macbook pro! Decisions, decisions.
My Mum and Step-dad are meant to be visiting later this month and Ryan's Dad and Step-mum might be visiting next week too.

What have you been up to?

Recent Purchases: Ann Summers, Boots, Superdrug & Primark

Sunday, 3 April 2016

A couple of Fridays ago I popped into town to meet my husband on his lunch break and dragged him out into the sunshine, like a good wife should, because in Huddersfield it seems to rain all the damn time and the sun was so nice even if it was a bit cool out.

When my husband went back to work I went shopping. I hardly ever go shopping anymore, mostly because I tend to be too ill to leave the house but I was determined to go because I desperately needed new bras. You'd think losing weight would be a good thing but to be honest I hate that my boobs have shunk! None of my bras fit and I feel so unfeminine.

I went to Boots first because I desperately needed a new moisturiser and 4head balm because my migraines during my periods are killing me. I went back to an old faithful with Avene as I really like how thick and moisturising it is without an awful smell. 

The 4head balm is an all time favourite, that I've been using for years. My first job I worked in a Bakery and one of the women I worked with let me use her's when I had a killer headache and it worked wonders so I've been using it ever since. I take a lot of painkillers in general now so when I can I try to use an alternative medicine because a) I'm worried about my stomach lining and b) I don't want to get addicted!

Then I went to Superdrug and they had a 2 for £7 on BarryM and I've been eyeing up there satin lipstick's for quite some time. I ended up buying 169 and their Rose Hip gelly nail vanish. I also picked up this Gosh simply red lip liner and it goes on like a dream!

My main goal was to buy some new bras and I love Ann Summers underwear! Their designs are lovely and they do lots of fun colours and a range of sizes and styles. I used to be a 32E and adored their balcony bras but sadly my boobs have shrunk and none of my bras fit. Although I tried them on the 32C ended up being too small so I had to go back and change my bras for 32D's but they're both plunge bras and it's a bit weird wearing a different style but they are really comfy and make my boobs look great! They had a sale on as well and I picked up this lace negligee for a reasonable £10.

Seriously if you've always been put off from Ann Summers because of whatever reasons, you have to give them a go! I love their underwear so much, especially if you have a short shoulder because they do quite a few bars that adjust all the way round their strap which gives such a good fit. They also do bigger bra sizes and I've never been in an Ann Summers and had bad service and I've been in quite a few difference stores all over the UK.

My last stop was Primark. I've been spending a lot of time in bed sick and personally while I do love white bedding my husband can't help but spill something on it and I'm just not well enough to be changing white sheets as often as he spills so for the past couple of months I've been looking at changing our bedroom up and I already bought an amazing bedding set from Argos that's 200 thread count and Egyptian cotton and so comfy and soft. It's currently on offer right now!

I really liked this set from Primark and it was only £11. The fitted sheet was on offer and really wish they did a duvet to match this because I love the blue of it. I also picked up another apple orchard candle £3 because I'm halfway through the first one we have and its such a lovely smell and I couldn't resist the love heart cushion (under £5 I think or was £5) it's so soft and huggable.

To me these were my most boring purchases but very necessary. I bought the stripped t-shirt because it was big, loose and was stripped, (I really like stripes) which is perfect for when I'm bloated or just don't feel well and it's oh so soft and was £5. The other three items are lounge/nightwear. I love how soft Primark's lounge wear tops are and so does Evie because she's always eating them! So I really needed replacements because I wear these most days instead of actual clothes because I'm ill, a lot. Oh the flower and lace item is a nightie that I've set aside for when I finally get my surgery.

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