Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Weekly Post

Where has this year disappeared too? I've had lots keeping me busy but I'm hoping things will even out some more now and I can find some sort of balance.

I know we're in the middle of June, well, practically at the end now, but I wanted to post about May as a reminder of the ups and downs through the month. 

  1. Getting sicker and sicker every month now. Being referred for an ultra sound scan, which I had this Wednesday.
  2. Finding Ryan's wedding ring. Trying to find a decent guys wedding ring, has been such a pain. Especially as R needs something hard wearing and so many jewellers contradicted each other.
  3. Beef sandwiches. Seriously nice.
  4. Cutting off 5 inches of my hair and still having lots left over. I'd had enough of my long locks. Especially as I have such thick hair that it was just feeling so heavy. Best decision cutting so much off. 
  5. Seeing building's being torn down.
  6. Dealing with a constipated bunny. My life is so glamorous, aren't you just so jealous? 
  7. Seeing baby E. get so big! It was good to go home for an overnight stay and see family and friends. Especially seeing how big this little guy has gotten. He's so heavy now.
  8. My Mum's fabulous dress she's wearing to my wedding. I'm honestly jealous and want to steal it to add to my own wardrobe.
  9. Finally picking our wedding venue. The main reason we went back home, to sort out the wedding venue and make sure it was too big for our small number of guests and that it suited are needs other than coming within our budget. I might have a big rant one of these days about wedding planning, because I will tell you it has not been fun at all!
Have a great week!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Bank Holiday Blues


I know that sounds silly as the bank holiday isn't even over with yet but it's the second bank holiday of the year so far {not including new year's} and yet again it's another full weekend my other half is working and I've got it off. 

The same will be happening on the next bank holiday at the end of May too. Something I'm really going to just have to get used to! I thought I'd adjusted to it at Christmas but clearly I haven't and four days off on my own are getting me a bit down. 

Also my time of the month is due too and my hormones are all over the place and I just want to cry and sleep. Because I'm about to be severely ill {no seriously I'm lucky if I can walk round my house for the first 3-4 days of my period} so my plans for the bank holiday weekend will solely be focused on indoor actives and maybe sitting in my garden, attached to my hot water bottle and a blanket.

I've already made sure I've done everything round the house I need to do before I 'get ill'. I've done all my washing, cleaning, done the monthly food order, bought enough veg for the bunnies for the next few days, bought basics for me to eat even though I loose my appetite for a week, such as apples, bread, noodles, soup, painkillers and fibre gel.

So all I need now is to plan what to do with my time. 

So here's a little list of the things I want to do this bank holiday weekend: 

Watch Saving Mr Banks & Into the Woods 
  • My other half isn't really interested in these two films so I thought I'd watch them.
Read Deep Blue Eternity by Natasha Boyd, Still the One & Forever and a Day both by Jill Shalvis
  • I have a rather large book pile at the moment and these are the ones I want to read the most.
Cuddle with the bunnies
  • I say bunnies but Evie is the only one who will cuddle with me. Oscar just likes to run all over me then jump off and on the sofa until I crack.
Sort some wedding things
  • We printed out a sample of the two designs my other half's created for our save the dates so we need to pick which design we're going to go with.
  • Make an appointment to view a venue.
  • Get a copy of a utility bill or bank statement for our notice appointment next week.
  • Look at creating a wedding website.
  • When the cramps get too bad an 20 minute or an hour nap really helps.

Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend, even if you're working it! xo

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bits & Pieces

Untitled IMG_6549 IMG_6676 IMG_6655

Awkward, Hi! That week or two that I mean to take off turned into nearly three months! I'm not sorry about it. at. all. I spent my week off in February coming up with ideas for future blog posts then real life kicked in and well. Lots of things changed.

We Postponed our Wedding!
We were planning for April 20th, two days after my Dad's birthday but for a multitude of reasons, emotional, financial, physical, just to name a few we postponed in February.

Slimming World
Back in January I joined my local Slimming World and it's been great. I only attended a few meetings but I've carried on with the Slimming World 'diet' and it's seriously worked! I've lost 8lbs so far and dropped a dress size! I'm continuing to lose weight too. I've not gained since starting but I did spend three weeks stuck at the same weight, which I was ok about. In my opinion so long as I'm not gaining I'm happy!

Seeing Family & Friends! 
This has been so important to me. The biggest reason we moved closer to our home town was so we could see our families and my best friend more often than just for a week once a year. Every month other than January I've been home and seen my Mum and my best friend and her little family! It has been the best!

Last spring/summer I started baking{lemon loaf} as a way to keep me busy while I was job hunting, and I've really gotten into it this year. It started in December when I made home-made cookies as a Christmas present for my best friend and I got two thumbs up from her and Ryan so I've been making them every month. I've started on cakes now too. I've mastered Carrot Cake now I plan to master Victoria Sponge and Chocolate Cake. I'm not super keen on icing though. My only problem is that when I bake, I hardly ever want to eat it. Does this happen to anyone else?

Readjusting to hormones!
TMI sorry! This one kills me. Seriously. Last May I came off my injection and in September I started having periods again. It has progressively gotten worse. It's different to how it was but it's still very bad and painful and every month it continues to get worse. So I'm going back to the Dr's and am possibly going to push to get re-diagnosed. Which is a whole other matter than what this was meant to be about which was those pesky hormones. 6-8 years without them and over six months trying to adjust to them just hasn't worked. The tears, feeling down, emotions running rampant = exhausting and not fun. I've tended to take a vow of silence when I'm really hormonal because I snap at Ryan so bad for literately just breathing. The poor dear! I have no idea if I'll ever readjust but I'm trying to learn how to manage it all.

Minimalist Wardrobe 

I'm a big fan of minimalist wardrobes, partly because I'm not a big clothes person and I thought it would be a good way to bulk-up my wardrobe, as it's quite small right now and it will help me keep on top of my wardrobe as I haven't really updated it since Plymouth! Over a year and half ago. Eeek. I've been following Un-fancy and stuck to my original wardrobe for Winter and have slowly been updating it for Spring. Honestly it's been really hard because for the last 5-6 years I've been a dress girl but in February I really got into jeans again so I'm not sure how my wardrobe is going to evolve over the next few months. Also due to loosing weight, nothing fits! Other than my pj's and my work out gear!

Other than postponing our wedding this was the next biggest thing I've done! I started freelancing in February, as a Virtual Assistant and I'm really love it. I have some amazing clients that wow me on a daily basis. I'm learning so much and I'm enjoying everything I do. My plan is to hopefully launch a business website and blog in August/September but we'll see how it goes.

Rearranging our wedding! 
At the beginning of April my Mum put her foot down and said we needed to re-sort out our wedding and it really helped. I seriously needed that kick up the bum for us to finally get married. We've booked the date, we're giving our notice next week, Ryan's designed our save the dates, we've found our rings, we've found a photographer, now if the stupid venue would just get back in touch with me so we can view it next month, that would be something else to tick off my list. There's still lots more to sort out like flowers, the cake, the invitations, the dress for my maid of honour and the ties and trainers for Ryan's best man and grooms men! I'm sure there's more but that's all I can think of.

It's been a really, really busy few months but I'm so happy and feel like I'm in my right place right now.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

"Gratitude is one of the least articulate of emotions, especially when it is deep." ~ Felix Frankfurter

86th birthday - five years gone

Today would have been my Dad's 86th birthday and over the past two weeks I've found it much harder to deal with than I was anticipating. I'm not sure if it's because this year now makes it five whole years since he passed or because there are so many things that are different now and have changed and he's missed it all and through it all. I still miss him.


I woke up to a really sweet message from my Mum this morning which helped and Ryan surprised me with breakfast in bed with a present to remember my Dad and all the good times we had. He also bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers and then told me he's sneakily taken today off as an early start to his holiday which has really made my day!


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, to all the amazing Mum's out there.

Especially to mine, who offered to work so one of the younger Mum's could spend her Mother's Day at home with her little children.

Just showing how amazing Mum's really are! xo


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