The Weekly Post - Food & Rainy Days

A bit late this time by an unpredictable week has just passed me by. My body is rebelling in a strange way and I just can't figure it out. After being sick for so long I'm pretty in tune with my body so when it goes out of whack I get a bit freaked out. Maybe because that time of the month. I'll figure it out.

I spent most of the week doing client work and hardly crossed anything off my personal to-do list. While that's great I did feel a bit drained during the week which made me realise I need to focus on myself a bit more.

1. The above meal is based on the slimming world steak salad but tweaked a bit and oh my god, so good! I'm not really a meat girl but this was amazing!

2. Sunbathing bunnies!

3. New book.

4. 5 days till my hospital appointment

5. Rainy day selfies. 

6. Stealing my other half's hat because I can never find mine.

7. A rather weird shopping haul.

9. Planning my hen do

10. Researching wedding table decorations

Hope you had a great week! xo

100 Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes I need just the words. These 100 words sum up my summer so far.

Summer. Heatwave. Dresses. Tanned. Doctors. Appointments. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Medication. Sleep. Work. Clients. Wedding. Busy. Rest. Laughter. Food. Cooking. Treats. Warmth. Lists. Lists. Lists. Cleaning. Flowers. Garden. Slugs. Sunshine. Rain. Pain. Thankful. Expressing. Home. Love. Storms. Thunder. Lightening. Kisses. Soft. Fresh. Friends. Communication. Growth. Walks. Strength. Family. Heart. Smiles. QVC. Beauty. Logos. Lipstick. Blacklist. Castle. Websites. Embraces. Cotton. Projects. Organise. Emails. Skype. Tidy. Twitter. Inspiration. Pockets. Pasta. Noodles. Tuna. Beef. Baking. Hope. Empowerment. Blankets. Closeness. Lashes. Grass. Green. Bloom. Pictures. Burgers. Showers. Care. Loved. Time. Steak. Bunting. Tears. Evie. Oscar. Books. Toes. Jeans. Daredevil. Penguins. Sunsets. Sunrises. Stardust. Chrome. Origami. Bread. 

Wedding Diary: August Goals

 No idea who owns this picture but series wedding table envy!
  1. Don't kill Ryan
  2. Don't kill A N Y O N E!
  3. B R E A T H E   D E E P!
Ok, ok, they aren't really my goals for August. Maybe breathe deep should be though! 
They do connect with my last related wedding post though!
We're 65 days away from our wedding and right now I'm having a massive internal freak out.
Due to technical issues with Ryan's iMac he still hasn't done our wedding invites, {cue internal panic attack!!!} he's been trying different things all week to get it to work and we might have to hand over a chunk of money to get it fixed. Just what we didn't need right now!

Also so many groom-zilla moments with Ryan trying to get his stag do organised and everyone being 'we can't do that date, or that date, or that date.' Which means Ryan has resorted to comments of a) not having a stag do b) everyone else going on his stag do except himself, c) he goes and plays mini golf on his own and get's drunk by himself and d) my favourite one by the way, him and his best mate go for a drinking boat cruise from Scarborough to Whitby and back again.

I still have to organise my hen do, find shoes, undergarments, schedule my hair and makeup trial, add more gifts to our registry, sort out the cake, get my dress altered, all the DIY things like flowers, bunting, favours, flower crown and posters and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something else! While also finishing my business website, trying to find new clients, getting ready to be sick for 14 days and writing lots of notes for my hospital appointment. It's all a bit overwhelming really!

So I'm going to ignore it all breathe deep until I feel a bit more calm.

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